Innovative Solutions For Fast Clamping System

FAST MILL® an innovative system for precise positioning and rapid fixing

Industry 4.0 it's here.

FAST MILL® an innovative system for precise positioning and rapid fixing developed through the continued excellence of the engineers of REM Industrie srl.
All solutions have been adopted by taking into consideration problems and experiences acquired from all the application fields in where REM Industrie srl has been operating successfully over the years.

The result?  FAST MILL®

Simple and reliable products that fulfil every requirements of companies aiming to significantly reduce machine setup time and positioning errors.


5 faces always free to work.

Capability to lift the workpiece to prevent possible collisions with the head/spindle.

Permanent reference points allowing to keep the zero position fixed in case of removal and reinsertion of the workpiece on the pallet or on the baseplate.

It is possible to resume machining operations by using the same starting reference points.

Workpiece orientation in the best position to facilitate chip removal during machining.


Free CAD/CAM/Simulator Library constantly updated with all fixing solutions.

Availability of parts in stock.

Qualified technicians at your disposal to find out the best solutions for each of your needs.

Practical demonstrations either at our company or yours.


FAST MILL® offers a complete range of products to meet fixing expectations and precise positioning needs in the fields of moulding industry and mechanics in general, ensuring the highest standards in quality.



Clamping solutions to optimize the set-up and the working process, suitable for multiple application fields.